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Industrial Robot Welding
SGE is characterized by the production of welded artifacts on the customer's specification of heavy-duty carpentry.

SGE can produce welded artifacts on the customer’s specification of heavy-duty carpentry.

Highly qualified personnel, procedures certified according to EN 1090 are quality assurance and reliability.

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Premium support for the customer

Our technical office supports the customer in the industrialization of the product, in the implementation of all specifications and in the proposal of all improvements including those aimed at reducing costs.

We have the expertise to produce commodity components and repetitive lots through the manufacture of welding devices that guarantee the repeatability of production.

We can provide our products with the main non-destructive controls such as penetrating liquids, magnetoscopy and x-ray.
The materials we work are from common carbon steels, stainless steel, high strength materials etc. and can be provided with thermal treatments and normalization and relaxation.

Data Analysis

From the study to the assembly of the productive process in partnership with the Customer.

Maintenance Service

Current and supplemental maintenance service included during both the study and production process.


On request, SGE integrates its systems with robots such as Panasonic, Motoman, ABB,<br /> Kawasaki, Comau and Kuka.

Retrofit / rebuilding systems

Analysis on the possibility to reinstate the custom’ systems already presented, on maximizing their performance as well as reducing new full-range investments.

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