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Mechanical Equipment
With an experience of over 20 years, SGE designs and builds mechanical equipment on customer's requirements.

Building mechanical equipment for the future

SGE designs and builds mechanical equipment for the assembly of sheet metal sub-assemblies, also on customer’s design, where required, in the design phase, suggesting the best solutions resulting from its technicians’ 20 years of experience.

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SGE is able to provide manual and automatic equipment

SGE equipment is built with the best component (terminals, pneumatic valve cylinders) existing on the market or according to the customer’s specific specifications.

SGE can provide positioners ranging from 70 to 200 tons.
SGE also operates equipment for the assembly of small non-ferrous parts for the automotive, rail, optical, naval, military and agricultural sectors.


20+ Years of Experience

SGE greatest technicians are over 20 years of experience in designing and building industrial high quality equipment. We also can suggest the best solutions¬†for customer’s needs.

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